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Obama is President

November 9, 2012 | AUTHOR: Moriah Roycroft | No comments

The president won the way that his campaign anticipated. They laid out its plan, told everyone what they were planning […]

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Hurricane Sandy aftermath

Welcome to Campaign for America

Campaign For America is a public policy forum dedicated to developing real political knowledge and skills in the Christian youth of today. We fully believe in the ability of young people to have a real impact in today’s political environment. Campaign For America is engaged in several initiatives to support Christian young people in developing their abilities and access in the area of American government and politics.

The American Government Experience

The American Government Experience is Campaign For America’s most intense educational experience for youth. It is a 12-month long government workshop combining practical political involvement and activism with intense academic study of our political structure and issues. The Experience will involve eight full day sessions, held approximately once every six weeks. Students will learn to think critically, with a Christian worldview, about issues presented in the American political system in the current information age.

What We Are

We are specifically established to provide a forum for Christian youth to learn and be engaged in the political process. Campaign For America seeks to provide opportunities where Christian youth will gain practical experience in considering innovative solutions to current issues, and focus on effectively advancing the cause of issues in the political system. Further, we seek to mentor youth on toward meaningful college experiences and engagement with other organizations that will continue their political interaction with a Christian worldview.

What We Are Not

The Campaign For America is not designed to indoctrinate the future “Religious Right.” Instead, we focus on experiences and initiatives that help youth develop the ability to intellectually grasp issues which confront our nation, and consider them in the context of the structure of our political system and Christianity.

What We Believe

We believe that young people have capacity for education, engagement, and responsibility far beyond what our culture believes.

We believe that Christians have a right and responsibility to be engaged in the American political process.

We believe that in all of our interactions with the world around us, Christians are called to be “the light of the world.” As such, our interactions in the realm of politics should reflect the good name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

While many will disagree with policy stands of those with a Christian worldview, we believe we should engage everyone with love, grace, and humility..