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A Bleak Four Years Ahead

A Bleak Four Years Ahead

By Samuel Barker

The next four years will be much the same as the past four years with high unemployment and a huge deficit. There are, of course, a few differences. One is that Obama now has no incentive to appeal to the American people because he does not have to worry about campaigning for another term and ,as a consequence, he will be more reckless and aggressive with his politics and policies. Also a big change from his first term to his second term is the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, is President Obama’s signature legislation and was the sole accomplishment of the Obama administration. The Affordable Care Act will come into effect in 2014 and it will bring about change just as President Obama promised on the campaign trail in 2008. However, the hope that he promised will be taken away by the change the Affordable Care Act will bring. The Affordable Care Act is one of the biggest single tax increases ever in the United Sates, and it will change American politics and economics for the worse. The biggest loss the GOP took in the 2012 election, besides losing the Presidential Election, was the fact that they had a shot to take the majority in the senate away from the Democratic Party, but they failed even to do that. However, even though the Republican Party didn’t gain a majority in the senate this election, Aaron Blake of the Washington Post thinks that they have another good shot in 2014.

He says, “While the map was difficult for Democrats this year, it’s murderous in 2014. Here’s the breakdown:

– 20 Democrats will be up for reelection, compared to 13 Republicans.

– 12 of those 20 Democrats come from either red states (six) or swing states (six).

– Only one of the 13 Republicans comes from a state that isn’t red, and that’s Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), whose seat is basically safe unless she retires.”

While this brings slight hope, two years is a long time to wait. The United States is projected to have trillion-dollar deficits per year… again. President Obama has called for tackling the debt with a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases. Central to Obama’s plan is to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for couples making more than $250,000. However, even though this sounds nice, the truth is that historically when the government says it is going to increase taxes and reduce spending, it ends up simply spending more because of the extra revenue from the tax increases.

In surveys of voters as they left polling places, one out of every five voters said the most important quality in determining their vote was that the candidate “care about people like me”; they went 4-1 for Obama. Three in 10 said the most important quality was having “a vision for the future”; a majority of those supported Romney. These surveys show that the American people voted more on the character of the candidate than the ability of the candidate. The fact that we can have an unemployment rate that has been around 7.9 percent and a $16 trillion deficit and still reelect the man with that record is frightening. In short we are still on the decline. Jobs are not improving, the deficit is getting larger, and American voters will have to face a harsh reality when President Obama’s character does not fix their problems..

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Samuel Barker, a Sophomore in high school, enjoys a good riddle or joke, reading of all kinds, camping out in the fresh mountain air, and is very competative in any game. Samuel is also a student intern for Campaign for America, an American Government Experience, taught by Mr. Harry Nelson.

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