Tuesday 09 February 2016


Altering the Course of this Election

Although Vice President Joe Biden stopped the bleeding for the Obama campaign last Thursday, but he did little to stall the momentum Mitt Romney’s building all throughout the U.S.A. The Republican base is fired up, willing to do anything short of unethical to promote their candidate.

With 21 days until the election, Romney’s lead at present is fragile — but significant in that the trend is going toward him, not Obama. Romney/Ryan has stepped up their game, but are still lacking in many polls. The Republican team needs to work harder, faster, and be more efficient than ever.

It is essential that Mitt Romney claims almost every swing state to cross the finish line at 270 electoral votes. There are eight main states that the Republican nominee needs: Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

Many political analysts have the superstition that in order to win the election, you gotta’ win Ohio. According the poll numbers you don’t.  If Romney/Ryan actually claims the eight listed states for their own, they will win with the Electoral College vote of 283. A little wiggle room remaining.

Romney’s campaign recently assured donors it would greatly boost its spending in the final weeks before Election Day. However, with early voting already underway in a few of the key states, it would be wise for Romney/Ryan to step up their spending to compete with Obama/Biden.

Below is a breakdown of last week’s spending, according to CNN, in nine states swing states:

Respected Republican leaders who support Romney/Ryan have an obligation, until the very last ballot has been cast, to publically endorse their candidate in their state, other states and the entire country. It is essential that the Romney campaign brings in the right people, at the right time to talk about issues that will alter votes for good.

Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia: Although Romney/Ryan is currently ahead, strong Republican surrogates Marco Rubio and Christ Christie, along with Mitt Romney, must appear several times to keep the voters riled up.

Nevada, Colorado: In both of these states, Obama is up by two points. Economy and jobs are the major issues. Paul Ryan needs to speak about what he is passionate about, his plan for the economy and his family.

Iowa, Wisconsin: Home of VP candidate, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney must visit these great states to close in the three point gap between Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan.

New Hampshire, at this point, is the most divided out of all the swing states. Romney, Ryan, Christie and Portman must hold several rallies to gain the support of those four electoral votes.

The debates have given the public a chance to see Romney as a speaker and as a leader without the jaundiced media gloss. And unlike the GOP debates, he was able to make his case in more than 30-second snippets. With only two remaining, Mitt must continue to persuade voters that he should be the next man to live in the White House.

Both campaigns are working around the clock to secure the presidency. Every type of persuasive rhetoric will be utilized to induce voters to their side. Romney has to watch for any misstep by President Obama. The entire Romney/Ryan team needs to work harder and faster. They must secure states by holding rallies, creating ads, and choosing  appropriate surrogates, to keep this election tight.

Obama spokesman, Jen Psaki said, “The one thing I will say is that we’ve always felt this race would be close.” And it is. This race has become a nail-biter..

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