Thursday 11 February 2016

Appearance Matters

Emily Heffner

October 16, 2012


In 1960 Richard Nixon and John Kennedy participated in the first televised presidential debate. Since this was the first televised debate, many people did not watch it, but those who did were shocked. Nixon did not realize how much physical appearance meant on television and how you looked could give impressions that might not have been intended. In this debate Nixon appeared unshaven, poorly dressed, and uncaring of how he looked. Nixon ended up losing that presidential election. Appearance and physical expressions go a long way when you are being broadcast across the country. In the Nixon/ Kennedy debate those who listened to it rather than watched it thought that Nixon had won, however those who watched it saw his appearance and thought Kennedy had won. Similarly, Fox News Contributor and analyst Charles Krauthammer said those who read Vice Presidential debate between Biden and Ryan or listened to it on the radio believed Biden has won the debate, however those who watched it saw all the smirking and eye rolling.

Biden’s facial expressions during this debate were widely noticed as uncalled for, rude, inconsiderate, and childish. In the Presidential Debate President Obama was very calm; in fact too clam in most people’s opinion. However in the Vice Presidential debate, Biden had to come after the president and pick up the pieces from the presidential debate. Biden fought hard and appeared strong in the vice presidential debate, but did he overdue it? From the eye-rolling, the smirking, and laughing it appeared to everyone that not only did he make himself look bad, but he made the President look bad as well. The fact that the Vice President has to come after the president and appear strong and assertive shows how weak the President truly is.

If you look at both debates we can see how the Romney/ Ryan ticket is overall stronger and more pulled together than the Obama/ Biden ticket. Romney and Ryan both portrayed power and strength in both of their debates. They made their points very clearly and dealt with the interruptions very well. In Ryan’s debate it seemed that he wasn’t just debating Biden, but the moderator as well. Seeing the calmness yet powerful response of Ryan proved how good of a Vice President he will be when being Romney’s right hand man when he takes office. Obama and Biden on the other hand showed their weak and childish debating skills in their debates. Obama’s quietness and repetitiveness was shown as Obama not really caring or giving up in the debate. His repetitiveness showed his lack of words which shows why he relies so much on a teleprompter. Biden and his smirking show his childishness and weakness in debating and how he reacts under pressure. Overall Romney and Ryan showed to be very strong when debating against Obama and Biden who showed to be weak and inconsiderate, both of which are not very good things to have in your President and Vice President.

As of right now the polls show Romney is in the lead by 0.1 point. It is just a slight difference, but the fact that Romney is in the lead gives him a big boost of confidence. With just a little over a month left, Romney and Obama both have a lot to prepare for. Romney having the lead just one month before the election gets not only Romney and Ryan a boost of energy, but also the entire Republican Party..

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