Campaign for America Educating youth to make an impact through government Wed, 19 Jun 2013 17:44:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Obama is President Fri, 09 Nov 2012 13:38:08 +0000 Moriah Roycroft The president won the way that his campaign anticipated. They laid out its plan, told everyone what they were planning and executed it,” said Anita Dunn, a former Obama White House official who advised the campaign through the fall. “No one should be surprised.”

Still, there were detours along the way, most notably Obama’s dismal performance in the first debate, which breathed new life into Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s campaign. The deadly attack on a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, thrust foreign policy into the spotlight and exposed Obama to a flurry of GOP criticism of his leadership. And Superstorm Sandy upended the campaign in its closing days, though the political impact appears to have been positive for Obama, who got a high-profile opportunity to show voters his presidential leadership.

Even as national polls suggested an exceedingly close race, Obama’s advisers insisted they had the edge in the nine competitive states. By Wednesday, Obama had won seven of them, with Florida still too close to call. Exit polls also backed up the Democratic team’s assertions that the coalition of young people and minorities who supported Obama in 2008 would still vote in big numbers this time around.

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A Bleak Four Years Ahead Fri, 09 Nov 2012 02:57:47 +0000 Samuel Barker A Bleak Four Years Ahead

By Samuel Barker

The next four years will be much the same as the past four years with high unemployment and a huge deficit. There are, of course, a few differences. One is that Obama now has no incentive to appeal to the American people because he does not have to worry about campaigning for another term and ,as a consequence, he will be more reckless and aggressive with his politics and policies. Also a big change from his first term to his second term is the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, is President Obama’s signature legislation and was the sole accomplishment of the Obama administration. The Affordable Care Act will come into effect in 2014 and it will bring about change just as President Obama promised on the campaign trail in 2008. However, the hope that he promised will be taken away by the change the Affordable Care Act will bring. The Affordable Care Act is one of the biggest single tax increases ever in the United Sates, and it will change American politics and economics for the worse. The biggest loss the GOP took in the 2012 election, besides losing the Presidential Election, was the fact that they had a shot to take the majority in the senate away from the Democratic Party, but they failed even to do that. However, even though the Republican Party didn’t gain a majority in the senate this election, Aaron Blake of the Washington Post thinks that they have another good shot in 2014.

He says, “While the map was difficult for Democrats this year, it’s murderous in 2014. Here’s the breakdown:

- 20 Democrats will be up for reelection, compared to 13 Republicans.

- 12 of those 20 Democrats come from either red states (six) or swing states (six).

- Only one of the 13 Republicans comes from a state that isn’t red, and that’s Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), whose seat is basically safe unless she retires.”

While this brings slight hope, two years is a long time to wait. The United States is projected to have trillion-dollar deficits per year… again. President Obama has called for tackling the debt with a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases. Central to Obama’s plan is to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for couples making more than $250,000. However, even though this sounds nice, the truth is that historically when the government says it is going to increase taxes and reduce spending, it ends up simply spending more because of the extra revenue from the tax increases.

In surveys of voters as they left polling places, one out of every five voters said the most important quality in determining their vote was that the candidate “care about people like me”; they went 4-1 for Obama. Three in 10 said the most important quality was having “a vision for the future”; a majority of those supported Romney. These surveys show that the American people voted more on the character of the candidate than the ability of the candidate. The fact that we can have an unemployment rate that has been around 7.9 percent and a $16 trillion deficit and still reelect the man with that record is frightening. In short we are still on the decline. Jobs are not improving, the deficit is getting larger, and American voters will have to face a harsh reality when President Obama’s character does not fix their problems.

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Can Sandy really have and impact? Thu, 01 Nov 2012 14:13:41 +0000 Katie Heffner Hurricane Sandy has made herself very clear that she is not just a little rain and some thunder.  She has caused building to collapse, the Subway to flood, and as many as 33 people lost their life due to Sandy. Many might think that a natural disaster can have no impact of the political world, but this is far from the truth.

Because of Sandy Obama has the chance to show that he is a leader, willing to help, and get everything back to normal for those who have been affected by the storm.  But this is also a test for Obama, if he does not react in such a way as the president should he could lose many votes in the North East.

Allowing Romney to come in and possible win Ohio, Pennsylvania, or maybe even Hew Hampshire getting him closer to the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.  America, keep your eyes and ears wide open, to see and hear who you would rather have as your president, Mitt Romney or Barak Obama. And you have the power to change the direction America is headed.

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The Year of the Roller Coaster Thu, 18 Oct 2012 20:18:48 +0000 Trey Gouch Just when President Obama thought he had the 2012 election in the bags, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been fighting to win the election for the Republicans. Polls have gone up and down on between Romney and President Obama of who favor in winning the election. This is why I referred this year’s Presidential Election is known as “The Year of The Roller Coaster.”
Back in the spring the Obama Care Plan was passed, even though President Obama made it sound like that it would help our country, but it does not. When President came into office in 2008 he promised to help reduce the country’s debt and he has not. There is no doubt that Barack Obama and Joe Bidden came in office during one of the most difficult times in the United States’ history. Many look at the Obama Care and like it because they get Health Care no matter what age or condition and insurance companies cannot cancel insurance on their client. Research has been done and says that Medicare and Medicade will go up by eight percent by the year 2030.
President Obama was looking good at winning the election until Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan as his running mate in August. I believe this was the strongest move that the Romney campaign has made yet. Paul Ryan has amazing plans to get our economy on the right track and that is why Paul Ryan was the best choice for running mate for Mitt Romney. The United States economy needs to be the main focus for the next President of the United States. We do not need to worry about immigration and protecting the borders instead work on reducing our countries sky high debt.
The Presidential race was tight as ever, with the conventions coming up the margin of error was slim. Everyone knew that the conventions were critical and after the Republican convention that was in Florida and the Democratic convention in North Carolina one of the parties was going to take a major leap towards winning the election. This was not true the conventions brought the race between both candidates even tighter.
The first Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama, President Obama at times had a confused look on his face and was not as good of a public speaker that he normally is. He changed the subject a few times and at times would give the look to Mitt Romney as if he was saying “Please do not go there and embarrass me.” President Obama was not used to being asked such hard questions. During his time as President he has even told the media not to ask him difficult questions. Former Vice President Al Gore told the media that President Obama was having a difficult time during the debate because of the altitude in Colorado. Without a question Mitt Romney won the first debate over President Obama.
The Vice President Debate was between Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden. Joe Biden had a terrible night and was completely disrespectful and rude to Paul Ryan. Joe Biden was laughing during almost the whole debate. He was not even laughing at anything funny. For example Paul Ryan was giving statistics about our economy and Joe Biden starts laughing for no reason whatsoever. Joe Biden was extremely rude and kept interrupting Paul Ryan during his small time frame to speak. Social media went crazy after the debate about Joe Biden laughing and this verse from the Bible kept getting brought up, “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” Proverbs 29:9.
Recent polls have shown that Mitt Romney has taken the lead over President Obama. Now hopefully Mitt Romney will stay at this spot until he walks into office. We do not need four more years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. This will be one of the most critical elections in the United States history.

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The Checkard Flag Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:37:23 +0000 Samuel Barker The Checkard Flag

By Samuel Barker

The electoral path for the Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney appears more promising than it has since the beginning.

In the recent presidential debate at the University of Denver, Mitt Romney clearly and decisively defeated President Barak Obama.  Mitt Romney articulated his plan with obvious intellect where as President Barak Obama fumbled and mumbled.  Then in the Vice Presidential debate Joe Biden came across as arrogant, rude and unprofessional,  while Paul Ryan remained cool and professional.  The results were an increase in Mitt Romney’s polls and a decrease in President Obama’s polls.  This boost in the polls for Mitt Romney provides him with great momentum.

Mitt Romney needs to take advantage of this opportunity and obtain the needed electoral votes.  According to the only swing states Mitt Romney needs in order to have the 270 needed electoral votes are Florida, Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia.  If Romney were to carry all of these states he would have a total of 275 electoral votes.  Even though this would win him the election, it would be an extremely close call.  The approach Mitt Romney should take is to try and take Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and Wisconsin.  If Mitt Romney won all of these swing states he would win the election with 291 electoral votes.  With this strategy Mitt Romney could lose in any one of these states, with an exception of Florida, and still win the election.

However, this is much easier said than done.  The amount of spending by the Mitt Romney and Barak Obama in these swing states are stunning.  The map above of the United States shows were the Republican Party has been running ads.  As the map shows, the number of ads that the Republican Party has run in the swing states are well up into the tens of thousands.  That many ads cost A LOT of money.  Florida, the biggest battleground state, has received the most spending at a total of 55 million from the Romney campaign and its allies. After Florida Ohio and Virginia receive the most spending.  The other swing states such as Iowa, Nevada, Colorado and North Carolina have seen a great deal of ads as well.  However, because the airtime is cheaper in the less populated areas, not as much money has been spent there.  Not only must Mitt Romney run ads, but he must run the right kind of ads.

In Ohio, where Obama leads in the state poll by 2.2 points, Mitt Romney must run ads that show he is going to “crack down on China” and bring jobs back to the United States.  Mitt Romney also needs his surrogates out in full force.  In Florida were Mitt Romney leads by 2.8 points, there are many Cubans and Hispanics — most of which lean left.  Mitt Romney needs Florida Senator Marco Rubio to be giving speeches all throughout the state trying to win over those Hispanic and Cuban voters to ensure a strong lead.  Then finally, in Wisconsin Mitt Romney needs Paul Ryan to work with his home state advantage to take away the President’s lead of 2.3 points.

The race is extremely close and even though Mitt Romney has momentum right now he could lose it if he chokes in the upcoming debates.

I am fired up and eagerly awaiting tonight’s debate.  The candidates are rounding turn four and are racing for the checkard flag!

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Mitt Romney’s Come Back Tue, 16 Oct 2012 17:46:10 +0000 Kathryn House Mitt Romney’s come back

Kathryn House





For one of the first times this election cycle, Mitt Romney is leading in the poles. It may not be by much, but he has the national advantage. Not only is it nationally, but in some of the toss up states also, that he is leading.

According to Romney is ahead by 2.8 points in the important toss up state of Florida. With twenty nine electoral votes Florida is almost a required state to win if you are to win the whole nation.

Mitt Romney has gained 5 points in Florida in the last two weeks. In North Carolina he is leading by 4, and in Colorado he is also in the lead. He doesn’t quite have Virginia or New Hampshire, but he is very close.

There are two reasons for this: the first presidential debate and Romney having more money to use after becoming the Republican nominee.

In the last month and a half Mitt Romney has had more money for ads, trips and rallies than he had before becoming the Republican nominee. He is pouring that money into the crucial toss up states. This gives him more air time, and more time to put himself out there for people to see, and to decide.

Obama has fallen behind because he is keeping his same amount of money going into each state. Romney has been raising the amount, giving him an advantage.

The first presidential debate was a decisive moment in this election cycle. It was the first time for President Barak Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, to meet and face off. It was the first of three debates where viewers could watch and decide who they think is best qualified to be the president.  It was yet another chance to show the clear difference between Mitt Romney and President Barak Obama.  Romney showed voters that he is the right person for the presidency. Not only that he has better policies or plans for America, but that he cares more.

It was not only the answers to the questions, but the way that each candidate answered the questions, that helped to show the voters what they are looking at. Mitt Romney was quick to answer and at ease during the whole debate. He actually looked like he wanted to be there, helping America decide. But president Obama looked tired and almost annoyed that he was even there. He gave long monotonous answers, and his debating skills were a little rusty.

It was clear who won the debate: Mitt Romney. He has climbed high in the polls since then. In addition to his rise in approval in the swing states, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have gone from likely to go democrat back to toss up states.

Mitt Romney will win the white house. The American people are starting to really realize who can take this country in the right direction. That is Mitt Romney. He has the wind in his sails, and he can make it to the finish line.


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Appearance Matters Tue, 16 Oct 2012 16:55:34 +0000 Emily Heffner Emily Heffner

October 16, 2012


In 1960 Richard Nixon and John Kennedy participated in the first televised presidential debate. Since this was the first televised debate, many people did not watch it, but those who did were shocked. Nixon did not realize how much physical appearance meant on television and how you looked could give impressions that might not have been intended. In this debate Nixon appeared unshaven, poorly dressed, and uncaring of how he looked. Nixon ended up losing that presidential election. Appearance and physical expressions go a long way when you are being broadcast across the country. In the Nixon/ Kennedy debate those who listened to it rather than watched it thought that Nixon had won, however those who watched it saw his appearance and thought Kennedy had won. Similarly, Fox News Contributor and analyst Charles Krauthammer said those who read Vice Presidential debate between Biden and Ryan or listened to it on the radio believed Biden has won the debate, however those who watched it saw all the smirking and eye rolling.

Biden’s facial expressions during this debate were widely noticed as uncalled for, rude, inconsiderate, and childish. In the Presidential Debate President Obama was very calm; in fact too clam in most people’s opinion. However in the Vice Presidential debate, Biden had to come after the president and pick up the pieces from the presidential debate. Biden fought hard and appeared strong in the vice presidential debate, but did he overdue it? From the eye-rolling, the smirking, and laughing it appeared to everyone that not only did he make himself look bad, but he made the President look bad as well. The fact that the Vice President has to come after the president and appear strong and assertive shows how weak the President truly is.

If you look at both debates we can see how the Romney/ Ryan ticket is overall stronger and more pulled together than the Obama/ Biden ticket. Romney and Ryan both portrayed power and strength in both of their debates. They made their points very clearly and dealt with the interruptions very well. In Ryan’s debate it seemed that he wasn’t just debating Biden, but the moderator as well. Seeing the calmness yet powerful response of Ryan proved how good of a Vice President he will be when being Romney’s right hand man when he takes office. Obama and Biden on the other hand showed their weak and childish debating skills in their debates. Obama’s quietness and repetitiveness was shown as Obama not really caring or giving up in the debate. His repetitiveness showed his lack of words which shows why he relies so much on a teleprompter. Biden and his smirking show his childishness and weakness in debating and how he reacts under pressure. Overall Romney and Ryan showed to be very strong when debating against Obama and Biden who showed to be weak and inconsiderate, both of which are not very good things to have in your President and Vice President.

As of right now the polls show Romney is in the lead by 0.1 point. It is just a slight difference, but the fact that Romney is in the lead gives him a big boost of confidence. With just a little over a month left, Romney and Obama both have a lot to prepare for. Romney having the lead just one month before the election gets not only Romney and Ryan a boost of energy, but also the entire Republican Party.

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Altering the Course of this Election Tue, 16 Oct 2012 15:41:20 +0000 Moriah Roycroft Although Vice President Joe Biden stopped the bleeding for the Obama campaign last Thursday, but he did little to stall the momentum Mitt Romney’s building all throughout the U.S.A. The Republican base is fired up, willing to do anything short of unethical to promote their candidate.

With 21 days until the election, Romney’s lead at present is fragile — but significant in that the trend is going toward him, not Obama. Romney/Ryan has stepped up their game, but are still lacking in many polls. The Republican team needs to work harder, faster, and be more efficient than ever.

It is essential that Mitt Romney claims almost every swing state to cross the finish line at 270 electoral votes. There are eight main states that the Republican nominee needs: Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

Many political analysts have the superstition that in order to win the election, you gotta’ win Ohio. According the poll numbers you don’t.  If Romney/Ryan actually claims the eight listed states for their own, they will win with the Electoral College vote of 283. A little wiggle room remaining.

Romney’s campaign recently assured donors it would greatly boost its spending in the final weeks before Election Day. However, with early voting already underway in a few of the key states, it would be wise for Romney/Ryan to step up their spending to compete with Obama/Biden.

Below is a breakdown of last week’s spending, according to CNN, in nine states swing states:

Respected Republican leaders who support Romney/Ryan have an obligation, until the very last ballot has been cast, to publically endorse their candidate in their state, other states and the entire country. It is essential that the Romney campaign brings in the right people, at the right time to talk about issues that will alter votes for good.

Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia: Although Romney/Ryan is currently ahead, strong Republican surrogates Marco Rubio and Christ Christie, along with Mitt Romney, must appear several times to keep the voters riled up.

Nevada, Colorado: In both of these states, Obama is up by two points. Economy and jobs are the major issues. Paul Ryan needs to speak about what he is passionate about, his plan for the economy and his family.

Iowa, Wisconsin: Home of VP candidate, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney must visit these great states to close in the three point gap between Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan.

New Hampshire, at this point, is the most divided out of all the swing states. Romney, Ryan, Christie and Portman must hold several rallies to gain the support of those four electoral votes.

The debates have given the public a chance to see Romney as a speaker and as a leader without the jaundiced media gloss. And unlike the GOP debates, he was able to make his case in more than 30-second snippets. With only two remaining, Mitt must continue to persuade voters that he should be the next man to live in the White House.

Both campaigns are working around the clock to secure the presidency. Every type of persuasive rhetoric will be utilized to induce voters to their side. Romney has to watch for any misstep by President Obama. The entire Romney/Ryan team needs to work harder and faster. They must secure states by holding rallies, creating ads, and choosing  appropriate surrogates, to keep this election tight.

Obama spokesman, Jen Psaki said, “The one thing I will say is that we’ve always felt this race would be close.” And it is. This race has become a nail-biter.

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We are in the home stretch. Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:44:34 +0000 Katie Heffner The last two weeks of the Election have been a whirlwind of debates, comments, political ads, news stories, and much more. But this is the time that counts; we are in the home stretch to determine who is going to be elected as the 45th president of the United States.

In the last two weeks of the race for president between Mitt Romney and President Obama the people’s thoughts have been altered due to the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.

On October third, the first of three Presidential debates took place.  The main area of focus during the debate was the economy.  And as you might imagine, President Obama had an amazing amount of ideas that he said if we re-elected him, he would pass through the Senate and the House and they would save the economy, One idea is to make the rich pay more taxes to try to reduce the deficit.  Obama also said that he would not raise taxes on the middle class by one dime. This was one of the main points which he used four years ago when he won the election.  But on the other hand Mitt Romney said that he was going to lower taxes which in return will make profit for large companies and in turn the entire country. In the Presidential Debate, Obama he could not effectively defend his ideas and points. He also kept repeating that Romney wanted a five trillion dollar tax cut. Romney delivered  the most remembered quote from the night by rebuking Obama’s statement by saying, “Look, I have five boys, I’m used to people saying something that isn’t always true and keep on saying it hoping ultimately I will believe it. That is not the case.”In the end it was astounding how clear it was who had won the debate, Mitt Romney.

Eight days later the Vice Presidential debate took place. This debate was full of laughter and smiling and joking… but not in a good way.  Vice President Joe Biden was full of happiness and laughter but it did not come across this way to the viewers. Every time Ryan would make a point that shot down Biden previous point or challenged his ideas, Biden would smile and laugh. This came across and arrogant and annoying to the viewers.  Also the moderator, Martha Raddatz , who had invited President Obama to her wedding. This fact should make any thinking person question her objectivity.

But how did these debates affect the polls? Before the debates took place the President had a solid lead on Romney and it looked as if we were going to have another term of president Obama.  In return almost immediately following the Presidential debate the polls dropped for Obama 3.1 percent and it rose in Romney’s favor by 2.0 percent.  Therefore the presidential and vice presidential debates have had an impact on the polls.

If Romney wants to win this election he is going to have to work incredibly hard at winning the swing states, winning the remaining two debates, and hoping that Obama slips up quite frequently in and out of the debates. But in the Obama will be able to pull out the win,  if Romney does not pull the unexpected, and get another four years in office, but the most important question comes down to you. Who are you going to make the next president?


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As the Race Rolls on… Mon, 15 Oct 2012 01:51:53 +0000 Harper Hicks      President Obama’s campaign had better come out with a new slogan, plan, campaign add, or some kind of political trick in the near future, because Mitt Romney is not on the run. Perhaps the President planned on this election being a shoe-in. Perhaps he envisioned clear-sailing to the White House for a second term. One thing was for sure, Romney wouldn’t let Obama get there easily. In the recent weeks, the American people have witnessed a shift.

     It all started with a simple debate. In this debate, Obama hoped to simply connect with people as he typically does with great ease, intending for Romney to seem like some “fancy-pants sales man” from Massachusetts. The polls said the Romney would have his work cut out for him. ALL the President had to do, was keep his cool. “Remain calm and do your thing, you’ll knock his socks off” was the sure thought of many democrats. However, October 3 was a day of reckoning Barack Hussein Obama, Romney made sure of that. As the debate commenced, it was clear to the American people that the President appeared aloof, removed, detached, distant, secluded, indifferent, unapproachable, unconcerned, uninterested, unresponsive, and even unsympathetic to the debate as a whole and to the current plight of the American people, quite contrary to the warm and friendly “messiah” so many had found in this man back in 2008. As the debate endured, over 60 million people saw no change from the president.

     Romney’s genius move: remaining cool, calm, and collected. He did exactly what the President SHOULD have done. ABC news reported that “Romney’s point-by-point critique of President Obama’s record was sharp, specific and sustained. He managed to steer the debate toward the central challenge of the Obama reelection campaign: the disappointment over his own unfulfilled promise.” Romney quickly and easily defended all attacks, refraining from the use of political jargon, keeping the debate on the level of the average American. The debate concluded and the result was clear. Romney won. Barack Obama put up about as much fight as the Carolina Panthers put up to a well organized offense. Democrats were stunned. What had happened to their prize player?

     Mitt Romney has continued to show consistent drive and determination to land himself in the White House. Polls are beginning to show a little “light at the end of the tunnel” for Romney. His team’s hard work has begun to show a little reward. The GALLUP released a poll on October 9 showing that Romney had a 2 point lead at 49% to Obama’s 47% among likely voters. The electoral map shows that swing states such as North Carolina, Colorado, and even Florida are beginning to fall to Romney’s side.

     The momentum gained by Romney in the first debate was prodded on by Paul Ryan in his debate with Vice President Biden. He, somewhat handily, made Biden seem like an aloof, arrogant, and callous Washington regular. We quickly saw that women and independents were not captivated by Biden’s derogatory disposition.

     As the next debate-date approaches, Obama is tweaking his debate style in an attempt to be more aggressive and effective. Perhaps the most effective change would be to look Romney in the eyes when he talks.

     Neither campaign his showing any signs of letting up. Up to the last ballot they will surely be using every form of rhetoric and persuasion to draw voters to their side. Romney has to keep alert for any wrong step by the President. He has to keep the blows coming and watch for the perfect moment. The President is surely scrutinizing Romney’s every move also. Romney seems to have a temporary step up on the President, and if he keeps playing the game like he is, it may turn out to be a step up to the Oval Office.

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