Wednesday 10 February 2016

Mitt Romney Attends Fundraiser In Milwaukeee

Mitt Romney’s Come Back

Mitt Romney’s come back

Kathryn House





For one of the first times this election cycle, Mitt Romney is leading in the poles. It may not be by much, but he has the national advantage. Not only is it nationally, but in some of the toss up states also, that he is leading.

According to Romney is ahead by 2.8 points in the important toss up state of Florida. With twenty nine electoral votes Florida is almost a required state to win if you are to win the whole nation.

Mitt Romney has gained 5 points in Florida in the last two weeks. In North Carolina he is leading by 4, and in Colorado he is also in the lead. He doesn’t quite have Virginia or New Hampshire, but he is very close.

There are two reasons for this: the first presidential debate and Romney having more money to use after becoming the Republican nominee.

In the last month and a half Mitt Romney has had more money for ads, trips and rallies than he had before becoming the Republican nominee. He is pouring that money into the crucial toss up states. This gives him more air time, and more time to put himself out there for people to see, and to decide.

Obama has fallen behind because he is keeping his same amount of money going into each state. Romney has been raising the amount, giving him an advantage.

The first presidential debate was a decisive moment in this election cycle. It was the first time for President Barak Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, to meet and face off. It was the first of three debates where viewers could watch and decide who they think is best qualified to be the president.  It was yet another chance to show the clear difference between Mitt Romney and President Barak Obama.  Romney showed voters that he is the right person for the presidency. Not only that he has better policies or plans for America, but that he cares more.

It was not only the answers to the questions, but the way that each candidate answered the questions, that helped to show the voters what they are looking at. Mitt Romney was quick to answer and at ease during the whole debate. He actually looked like he wanted to be there, helping America decide. But president Obama looked tired and almost annoyed that he was even there. He gave long monotonous answers, and his debating skills were a little rusty.

It was clear who won the debate: Mitt Romney. He has climbed high in the polls since then. In addition to his rise in approval in the swing states, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have gone from likely to go democrat back to toss up states.

Mitt Romney will win the white house. The American people are starting to really realize who can take this country in the right direction. That is Mitt Romney. He has the wind in his sails, and he can make it to the finish line.


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