Tuesday 09 February 2016


North Korea

North Koreans are starving due to a lack of food. North Korea has tried to make a deal with America getting food aid, but this talk has dropped dead and is looking like the deal they were trying to work out did not work. Who knows what happened to the deal whether the United States ended the deal or North Korea. Recently there has been talks about North Korea trying to build a missile that will go across the ocean possibly hitting the borders of America or even hitting their neighbors like South Korea, China, Japan and Russia. All the money North Korea is putting into the missile is hurting all their citizens that are starving. Right now North Korea is working on sending out a rocket sometime this week that will be containing a satellite. This satellite will probably help direct the missile for nuclear testing and even if they fire the missile to help direct it. President Obama has gone up to Korea and has warned North Korea what will happen if they fire the missile(s) saying “It will damage their relations with neighbors and further negotiations.” If North Korea does fire the missiles all they are doing is creating a major war. In my opinion all that North Korea is doing is trying to scare the nation and hoping that a country will make an offer to them involving food aid to keep them from firing the missile(s)..

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I am a freshman in highschool, and a student of Campaign For America. I play basketball and hoping to get a scholarship for college. I am interested in politics and learning more about our government every day. Please feel free to leave comments on my posts and give me your opinion.

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