Tuesday 09 February 2016

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A Bleak Four Years Ahead

A Bleak Four Years Ahead By Samuel Barker The next four years will be much the same as the past […]

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The Checkard Flag

The Checkard Flag By Samuel Barker The electoral path for the Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney appears more promising […]

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Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Ryan Ready for the Race

Ryan Ready for the Race Ryan’s running with Romney, but is he fit enough to finish?  Governor Mitt Romney has […]

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Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP

After waiting anxiously for Mitt Romney to announce his running mate, he finally announced Saturday morning that Paul Ryan is […]

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Paul Ryan

Good as Running Mate, Better as Vice President

  Paul Ryan equals a plus for Mitt Romney. The main argument against Romney’s Vice President pick Paul Ryan, is […]

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paul and romney

V.P. Choosen by Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney announced today his running mate, Paul Ryan Representative of Wisconsin. Even though when Romney announced Paul Ryan he […]

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rick santorum2

Santorum Drops Out of the Race

Rick Santorum has decided to suspend his campaign. He announced today in Gettysburg with his family gathered around him. Santorum […]

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Tonight is the big night for the NCAA Men’s Basketball 2012 season. Ever since President Barack Obama has come into […]

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American Goliath Being Passed by a China David

Exxon used to be the biggest publicaly traded producer of oil. PetroChina, a 13 year old company has surpassed Exxon. PetroChina […]

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