Sunday 07 February 2016

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The Checkard Flag

The Checkard Flag By Samuel Barker The electoral path for the Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney appears more promising […]

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Reince Priebus, Willan Harris

Isaac coming to Florida

The Republican National Convention has been delayed by one day, due to tropical storm Isaac. Isaac is expected to be […]

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romney pic

The Medicare debate

Since Ryan was picked for Romney’s running mate Medicare has become a big issue in the presidential election. Both the […]

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Paul Ryan

Good as Running Mate, Better as Vice President

  Paul Ryan equals a plus for Mitt Romney. The main argument against Romney’s Vice President pick Paul Ryan, is […]

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Santorum and Romney

Is Santorum Worth a Long Primary?

Mr. Romney has continued to maintain a strong lead over his fellow GOP candidate, Mr. Santorum.  This leads to a question that […]

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Santorum, Romney, Ginrich & Paul

Is Romney the best fit for the Republican Party

Mitt Romney has been leading the way for representing the Republicans the past month and had started to take a major […]

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