Sunday 30 August 2015

Granny and Ryan

The Attacks on Paul Ryan Escalate

The Obama campaign is set to release seven ads that escalate its attacks on Paul Ryan, his Medicare plan, and the fiscal priorities that are at the heart of his vision.

According to the campaign, the message in each ad will be tailored to individual swing states, pointing out how each one would fare under the Romney/Ryan vision. A few samples:

* The ad in Florida will emphasize Ryan’s plan to quasi-voucherize Medicare.

* The ad in Iowa will emphasize cuts in Ryan’s budget to clean energy investments, which are meant to remind voters of the GOP stance on wind energy, an important issue in the state.

* The ad in Virginia will emphasize the Ryan budget’s cuts to infrastructure investments.

* The ads in Ohio and New Hampshire emphasize the Ryan budget’s cuts to Pell grants, making it harder for kids in those states to go to college.

Bringing many points against Romney-Ryan is a smart and well used strategy by Obama-Biden. However, “Pushing Granny off a Cliff” takes things a little too far. Vicious attacks on the opposite team will not win the presidency.  Obama needs to learn that lesson. Pushing “Granny” down does not raise you higher.


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