Sunday 07 February 2016

The Bond Severed







Ron Paul in an interview with the New York Times goes into a detailed discussion about his conversation with the Republican National Convention organizers. According to Paul, the organizers invited him to speak at the RNC as long as he gave a pre-approved speech about Romney’s campaign and the he gave a “full-fledged” endorsement to Mitt Romney and his campaign. Paul responds to this with saying “It wouldn’t be my speech. That would undo everything I have done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse Romney for President!”

Romney’s campaign has been working hard to rekindle the bond Paul and Romney once had. Yes, they disagree on some aspects, but they have a mutual bond that ties them together in a way. With Paul saying he will not fully endorse Romney, that bond is now severed. Will that bond ever become strong again?.

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