Thursday 03 September 2015


The Year of the Roller Coaster

Just when President Obama thought he had the 2012 election in the bags, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been fighting to win the election for the Republicans. Polls have gone up and down on between Romney and President Obama of who favor in winning the election. This is why I referred this year’s Presidential Election is known as “The Year of The Roller Coaster.”
Back in the spring the Obama Care Plan was passed, even though President Obama made it sound like that it would help our country, but it does not. When President came into office in 2008 he promised to help reduce the country’s debt and he has not. There is no doubt that Barack Obama and Joe Bidden came in office during one of the most difficult times in the United States’ history. Many look at the Obama Care and like it because they get Health Care no matter what age or condition and insurance companies cannot cancel insurance on their client. Research has been done and says that Medicare and Medicade will go up by eight percent by the year 2030.
President Obama was looking good at winning the election until Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan as his running mate in August. I believe this was the strongest move that the Romney campaign has made yet. Paul Ryan has amazing plans to get our economy on the right track and that is why Paul Ryan was the best choice for running mate for Mitt Romney. The United States economy needs to be the main focus for the next President of the United States. We do not need to worry about immigration and protecting the borders instead work on reducing our countries sky high debt.
The Presidential race was tight as ever, with the conventions coming up the margin of error was slim. Everyone knew that the conventions were critical and after the Republican convention that was in Florida and the Democratic convention in North Carolina one of the parties was going to take a major leap towards winning the election. This was not true the conventions brought the race between both candidates even tighter.
The first Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama, President Obama at times had a confused look on his face and was not as good of a public speaker that he normally is. He changed the subject a few times and at times would give the look to Mitt Romney as if he was saying “Please do not go there and embarrass me.” President Obama was not used to being asked such hard questions. During his time as President he has even told the media not to ask him difficult questions. Former Vice President Al Gore told the media that President Obama was having a difficult time during the debate because of the altitude in Colorado. Without a question Mitt Romney won the first debate over President Obama.
The Vice President Debate was between Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden. Joe Biden had a terrible night and was completely disrespectful and rude to Paul Ryan. Joe Biden was laughing during almost the whole debate. He was not even laughing at anything funny. For example Paul Ryan was giving statistics about our economy and Joe Biden starts laughing for no reason whatsoever. Joe Biden was extremely rude and kept interrupting Paul Ryan during his small time frame to speak. Social media went crazy after the debate about Joe Biden laughing and this verse from the Bible kept getting brought up, “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” Proverbs 29:9.
Recent polls have shown that Mitt Romney has taken the lead over President Obama. Now hopefully Mitt Romney will stay at this spot until he walks into office. We do not need four more years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. This will be one of the most critical elections in the United States history.

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I am a freshman in highschool, and a student of Campaign For America. I play basketball and hoping to get a scholarship for college. I am interested in politics and learning more about our government every day. Please feel free to leave comments on my posts and give me your opinion.

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